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Registration opens for Spring 2022 classes

Tom Baker       Since Oct. 18, students have been able to add classes to their Spring 2022 shopping carts and this week, they can begin registering. Shopping for classes in advance saves students time when they go to officially register. 

Women’s soccer sweeps week, improves to 12-3 in two key victories

Paul Czarnecki  The UCCS Mountain Lions’ women’s soccer team expanded their winning record of 5-2 in October with a recent 3-0 shutout win over the New Mexico Highlands Cowgirls at home, followed by a 4-1 triumph over the

Hellscream Haunted House: How spooky is COS’ leading haunt?

Brianna Beassie-Weil  4 out of 5 stars        Colorado Springs’ leading Halloween attraction, Hellscream Haunted House, proves once again why it is one of the best haunted houses to visit during the spookiest

The spooky history behind the Emma Crawford Coffin Races

Julia Elbert       Manitou Springs is known for its charming shops and locally owned family businesses. This nearby town gives the laid-back impression that all is well, but hiding not far below the surface there is a darker history.        Every

UCCS athletes share experience playing sports from a young age to now

Lexi Petri         From 6 years old to 18, many athletes have been playing sports from the time they could hold a ball to now, competing against opponents at the collegiate level.         Playing early on can help

Scary book recommendations for the Halloween season

Abigail Aldinger       The Halloween season is rapidly approaching, and for all of you book lovers out there who appreciate a good scary story to read during October, I

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Never forget: how 9/11 changed the world

Scribe Editors    The Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are coming up on their 20-year anniversary. The attacks caused nearly 3,000 deaths

Letter to the Editor

Guest Column: Colorado Gun Laws

Nicholas St. John       A mass shooter walked into King Soopers in Boulder and started killing indiscriminately on March 22, 2021. We, as Student Government Senators, want to do our part to help provide information to our fellow students.       In Colorado, you can be 18 years old to purchase a long gun such as a hunting rifle, however, you must be

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