7 bikes stolen in first month of classes, police say

Seven bikes have allegedly been stolen on the UCCS campus since the first week of classes, UCCS police said in a release.

Four bikes were stolen from Alpine Village and three from the area around Summit Village, police said. Some of the stolen bikes were secured with cable locks, which were allegedly cut at the time of the thefts.

Police are investigating the thefts as individual incidents, which occurred between Aug. 22 and Sept. 23. Information on potential suspects has not been made public.

Police ask anyone with information about the thefts to contact 719-255-3111 or [email protected]. To report information anonymously, use the CU EthicsPoint system online.

“When securing your bicycle outside, use a U lock instead of a cable lock if at all possible,” said Clay Garner, deputy chief of police, in the release. “U locks are much more difficult to defeat. Another way to help secure your bicycle is to remove the seat and/or front wheel if you have a quick disconnect mechanism.”

Police also recommend that students register bicycles with the UCCS parking office with a serial number to assist with relocating stolen bikes. The Scribe recently reported on how students can better protect their bikes on campus.

Photo caption: Police released information about “several” bike thefts on campus since Aug. 22. Photo by Annika Schmidt.