A comparison of top coffee chains in Colorado Springs

     No matter what anyone says, all coffee tastes different depending on where you buy it. You might think that the most expensive coffee tastes better than something cheaper, or because it is a well-known chain that everyone must go there, and it must be the best.  

     Coffee drinkers typically go for the bigger chain cafés, so it is important to learn which place has the best price and best tasting drinks. Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and Dutch Brothers have become the most popular coffee houses in Colorado Springs. I compared three drinks from each place: white chocolate mocha, vanilla latte and a hot chocolate (for the non-coffee drinkers).  

Vanilla Latte 

Price: Starbucks $3.65, Dunkin’ Donuts $3.19, Dutch Bros $3.50.  

     Starbucks had the best vanilla latte out of the three chain coffee houses. It is close in price compared to Dunkin’ and Dutch Bros and it was the perfect amount of sweetness and caffeine.  

     The latte at Dutch Brothers was not as sweet as it was at Starbucks, but I wouldn’t say it was bitter. Dunkin’ Donuts did not give me the correct drink when I ordered a vanilla latte, so I won’t be ordering another one there.  

     Starbucks is the winner for the vanilla latte and (if I had to), I would get one at Dutch Bros too. I still wouldn’t order one at Dunkin’ Donuts.  

White Chocolate Mocha 

Price: Starbucks $4.45, Dutch Bros $3.50  

     I always got my white chocolate mocha at Starbucks until I tried one at Dutch Bros. The price is cheaper at Dutch Bros and their medium size is also the equivalent to a venti at Starbucks. I am getting more coffee for less — and it tastes better at Dutch Bros.  

     Dunkin’ Donuts didn’t have a white chocolate mocha, so I was not able to compare this drink for all three places. Given the fact that they messed up on a vanilla latte, it is probably best that they didn’t have it.  

     Dutch Bros is the winner for a white chocolate mocha, iced or hot. It was worth the wait in line to try this drink.  

Hot Chocolate  

Price: Starbucks $3.25, Dunkin’ Donuts $2.15, Dutch Bros $2.50 

     Starbucks had the worst hot chocolate out of all the places. It didn’t taste bad, but it wasn’t as sweet as hot chocolate should be and it is more expensive than the other places.  

     Dunkin’ Donuts had a better hot chocolate than Starbucks by far. It was a great price for a great drink. It is hard to mess up a hot chocolate and since they messed up my order and didn’t have one of the drinks, I probably wouldn’t get my hot chocolate there either.  

     Dutch Bros had the best hot chocolate for a good price. This was the clear winner for sure with the hot chocolate.  

     I have always been a fan of Starbucks and because it is close to where I live, it was always more convenient to go there. Now after trying all three places, Dutch Bros may be my new favorite coffee chain.  

    The employees are very nice and helpful, and the line didn’t take as long as I was expecting. Not to mention the great prices of their drinks for the size they come in — plus the great taste! I would probably still go to Starbucks for convenience, but if I was anywhere else, Dutch Bros would be my new regular spot.