A review of student housing options close to campus

September 05, 2016

Jasmine Nelson

[email protected]

     Students going to college have to live somewhere—preferably somewhere close to their 8 a.m. class. Builders took advantage of this and opened residence communities near UCCS.

     Here are a few brief highlights of your student housing options near campus:

The Lodges

     A shuttle to the school is included in the rent, and residents have access to a sand volleyball court and a pool. Located on 5877 N Nevada Ave., you can opt for a one or two-bedroom unit.

     After roommate matching, you will end up in a four or five bedroom townhouse for around $625-700 monthly per person. Residents can also have dogs in their apartment.

     While the additions of pets can be a perk, the price can shy away some students.

Lion Village

     Internet and utilities are included in the price of rent, making Lion Village a cheaper alternative to the Lodges, as long as you don’t pay too much for gas driving to and from lot 576, which is only a five minute drive.

     Similar to the accommodations at The Lodges, residents pay around $700-$1,000 per month for a private bedroom and bathroom in a smaller sized apartment.

     If you want to walk to class, an assumed benefit of living in student housing, you will need to head out about an hour before your lecture starts.

     Like The Lodges, there is also access to a tanning bed. Lion Village is located at 5641 Red Ash Point.

The Lookout

     Every living room comes with a flat-screen TV and units are fully furnished, according to their website.

     The complex, located at 10 Cragmor Village Rd., is a short walk to the main campus. Rent for a one-bedroom unit ranges from $975-$1,005 per month for about 650 sq. feet of room.

     This is considerably more private space for the rent compared to both The Lodges and Lion Village.

     Rent drops into the $600’s with roommates, but residents would still have a private bedroom and bathroom of about 300 sq. feet.

     You will not be able to cuddle with a warm ball of fur at night, as pets are not allowed.

West Edge

     A fourth student housing community is set to open in the fall of 2017.

     West Edge Apartments, which will be located at 1121 Austin Bluffs Parkway, advertise new amenities such as a ski simulator, and a bouldering wall.

     The bedrooms come fully furnished, and the apartments will be located on Austin Bluffs across from the campus, appealing to students who lack both reliable transportation and furniture of any kind.

UCCS Dorms

     To some, living in a dorm is an essential part of the college experience. It is now a requirement that fi rst-year students move into a dorm depending on how far away they live from the campus.

     The cheapest dorm option for freshmen at UCCS is $4900 per semester, or $1,225 per month. While the total square feet may be limited, a meal plan is included in this price, as are utilities, trash and electricity.

     Dorms with a full bathroom cost $1,500 a month for a total area of 150 sq. feet. Students can also apply for an exemption to the all-freshmen on-campus rule to avoid spending too much on housing.