Abby is a full-time English student at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, with a focus in Rhetoric & Writing. Since 2020, they have contributed to several creative causes on campus, including the Student Literary and Arts Journal, “riverrun.” Abby has worked at the Scribe for over a year and became the Opinion Editor in Aug. 2022. They also recently started a new position at the university’s Excel Writing Center, which will allow them to further develop their writing and editing abilities, as well as their academic tutoring abilities.

Since childhood, Abby has always known that they would work in the writing field, and their passion for the craft has only intensified since leaving high school. Coming from a family of eight, Abby spent the better half of their early education in homeschool, which gave them the time and creative outlet for writing and fostered their love and appreciation for reading and literature. They identify with several communities that have helped broaden their social and political perspectives when it comes to writing and journalism, including the autistic community, the LGBTQ+ community, the mental health community, and several other leftist movements. They are always eager to learn more about communities and movements that they are not a part of, and value opportunities that allow their social and political awareness to grow. In their free time, you might find Abby reading, playing with their dog, or listening to audiobooks for hours on end while baking.

In May 2023, Abby will be graduating from UCCS, and plans to enter a graduate program at CU Denver. Feel free to reach out to Abby about their published articles, or to pitch an article idea at [email protected]