Acts of Kindness Club hope to become offi cially registered club, spread positivity

September 19, 2016

Anne Stewart

[email protected]

     A week dedicated to participating in random acts of kindness at UCCS in previous semesters by the office of student activities is what one group on campus hopes to do throughout the entire school year.

     The Acts of Kindness Club want to make a difference in the community through simple acts of kindness, like paying for someone’s coffee or handing out blankets to people in need.

     Still waiting to become an official club, AOK have not been able to perform many good deeds yet on campus, according to freshman business major Kyle Moyes, who serves as the club treasurer.

     The idea started with an uneasy adjustment to the college experience, according to freshman chemistry major Gavin Hoffman, president of AOK.

     Positive influences in his own life also made him wonder what he could do for others in return.

     “The main goal we have is to promote positivity and encourage people to do the same for others,” said Hoffman.

     “If you want to spread kindness and connect with others who wish to do the same, then AOK is for you.”

     Hoffman said the adjustment to college life was interesting, and when he started meeting different people and discussing the initial thoughts on the club, the group felt like they could have a good impact on the community.

     Four people are required to start the club, two of which must be officers.

     Once this happens, club registration has to be within the first eight weeks of the semester.

     AOK has done all the preparation, registration and filled out the numerous required forms to be considered for official club status, according to Hoffman.

     Now, he and the five other members of the group wait for the final word. There are at least three more people who have expressed interest in joining the club once it becomes official.

     “We believe that if given the chance, a group like this can make a big impact on the community around campus,” said Hoffman.