An open letter to my favorite squirrel on campus

27 November 2018

Taylor Burnfield

[email protected]

Dear Sir Nuttington III,

The first time I saw you was at the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester. I was walking to class and it was a breezy autumn day; your fur was illuminated by the golden afternoon sun and your eyes sparkled when I approached you. You sat before me, you were munching on some kind of nut. We locked eyes and I knew that you were no ordinary squirrel, but rather a god amongst men.

I dubbed you Sir Nuttington III because you presented yourself as a squirrel of prestige, a squirrel of regality. Only a force of destiny could have brought us together. Because of you, I know that a higher power exists.

Your eyes pierced my soul and made me question everything I thought I knew about reality. Although we could not speak to each other, our bond transcended the limits placed upon us by society. No one could ever understand our spiritual connection.

For the past several weeks I have looked forward to being graced by your presence. However, during the last few days I have not seen you. Where did you go? Was our connection real, or simply an illusion?

Perhaps it was foolish of me to believe that a bond such as ours could last forever. I hope we cross paths again someday, campus just isn’t the same without you. I will always cherish your wisdom and majestic existence. I also thought your tail was pretty cool.