Balancing academics and athletics: UCCS’ club sports offer the ideal platform for passionate students 

Retired high school athlete still looking for competition? Newcomer eager to learn a new skill? No matter where students fall on the spectrum, UCCS’ very own club sports program here to provide a platform for students to keep their passion and excitement for sports alive and growing.  

UCCS’ club sports range from men’s and women’s volleyball to tennis and the newly established skiing club.  

What truly sets club sports apart is the flexibility they offer. Club sports are structured to not only ensure that students have the time to attend class and academic lectures but also have time to compete at a higher level. These organizations give students the chance to compete, progress personally and connect with others who appreciate sports. 

Club sports also present a chance for personal development and close relationships with other sports fanatics. By signing up for a club sport, students don’t only join a team, they also join a group of people who are passionate about the same activity. These clubs can foster long-lasting friendships and a network of support that extends beyond the playing field. 

One example of this is the UCCS Dance Club. “Our dance club offers anywhere from beginner to advanced opportunities to learn more about dance and welcomes anybody even if they don’t have dance experience,” said president of the UCCS Dance Club Madaline Holguin.  

Holguin is very excited about the club’s upcoming performance, which she says is a major achievement. 

“Our first ever performance is happening November 26. That’s a huge accomplishment for us. We’ve been doing this for almost two years now and never got around to doing a performance, so this is going to be a huge accomplishment for us,” Holguin said. 

To find more information on these clubs, students can visit Mountain Lion Connect.

UCCS Men’s Club Volleyball Team. Photo by Kira Thorne 
UCCS Dance Club. Photo by Kira Thorne 
UCCS Indoor Climbing Club. Photo courtesy of Mountain Lion Connect 

Graphic by Kira Thorne.