BI program brings jazz musician Oliver Johnson to Gold Room

April 18, 2016

Austin Chasse
[email protected]

Presented by the Bachelor of Innovation program, students and community members had a chance to see jazz musician Oliver Johnson perform at the Gold Room on April 8, 9 and 13 in a concert series.

Those who attended the show were able to participate with the band, according to student Matthew Radich.

“It was the decision of the team and Oliver Johnson to give the audience an opportunity to play or sing along with the band,” said Radich.

The concert series was possible due to a donation from an unnamed benefactor. The money allowed for Johnson and his fellow musicians to come perform in Colorado, according to Radich.

The Gold Room donated all three nights with the help of the owners of the Mining Exchange and the Gold Room, Lorn and Perry Sanders.

“The whole concert series was about Mr. Johnson telling stories of being on the road with Albert King, B.B. King and many others, and the experiences he had while playing with them,” said Radich.