Note: This is an archived page. Brandon graduated from UCCS in May 2021.

Brandon Flanery is the culture editor for The Scribe. He has been with The Scribe for nearly a year, and works for the Colorado Springs Independent, writing for their “Queer and There” column. Outside of the Scribe, he’s a senior who studies English and secondary education.

On a normal Tuesday, he can be found in a cardigan, teaching middle schoolers at a local school, pretending he’s Robin Williams in Dead Poet’s Society.

Besides writing and teaching, he has a passion for community and advocacy. This passion has led him to co-founding of a new LGBTQ+ Christian app called believr — a digital platform for queer people of faith to find belonging, connection, and love. After graduating in May 2021, Brandon hopes to go teach English abroad to pay off his college education, because he sure as hell isn’t going to pay it off as a public school teacher. If you see him out in the wild, be sure to say hi. The only thing he loves more than good conversation is a good cup of coffee… and maybe a cute guy. PS, he’s single, y’all!