BREAKING NEWS | Arrest affidavit reveals suspect involved in UCCS double homicide made threats prior to shooting

An arrest affidavit revealed the suspect being charged with double homicide for the shooting at UCCS had threatened to kill UCCS student Samuel Knopp in January. 

The affidavit details the Colorado Springs Police Department’s probable cause for issuing a warrant for the arrest of Nicholas Jordan, the suspect that allegedly killed UCCS student Samuel Knopp, 24, and Celie Rain Montgomery, 26. Jordan, who was Knopp’s roommate, was believed to have vacated his room following significant issues with his roommates. 

The affidavit was released at the El Paso County Court on Feb. 23 after a court hearing. Jordan is still being kept on a $5 million cash bail. 

Here are details before the shooting: 

  • UCCS reported that Jordan filed an electronic request to be withdrawn from classes and housing on Feb. 15. 
  • Three documented complaints and interactions between Jordan and his roommates were completed by UCCS Police and UCCS Housing on Jan. 9. Giancarlo Argueta-Agudelo, a third roommate in the dorm, said these complaints involved concerns of unsafe living conditions and smoking in the room along with an argument that Knopp had with Jordan over a bag of trash. Jordan told Knopp that he would “kill him” and there would be consequences if Jordan was asked to take out the trash again.  
  • There were only three roommates in the dorm.

Here are details during and after the shooting: 

  • The shooting occurred in room 108 of Crestone building in a POD dormitory composed of a common area and four separate bedrooms.  
  • Knopp and Montgomery were found dead in POD 108 Room A. 
  • Jordan’s room was Room C. 
  • Argueta-Agudelo, who lived in Room B, called the police after waking up to the sound of gunshots. Argueta-Agudelo heard a door shut and what sounded like someone running. 
  • On Feb. 16, Jordan’s vehicle, a Black 2009 Ford Escape SUV, was spotted at 7:47 a.m., around an hour after the shooting, traveling south near the Comfort Inn Motel.  
  • The prosecution revealed at the hearing that Jordan had a fully loaded AK-47 assault rifle in the car that he was found in. 

Read the full affidavit here.

Exterior of Crestone House. Photo by Lillian Davis.