Broncos will make a comeback after injured players heal over bye week

November 15, 2016

Dillon Taunton

[email protected]

     For the first time in five years, the Broncos do not appear to be the dominating force that fans are used to seeing with a 6-3 record for the current season.

     After their loss to the Raiders on Nov. 6, their AFC West rivals, some are asking if it is time to press the panic button.

     But after the return of a few healed players and better calls made by the coaches, the team has a chance to move ahead.

     Gary Kubiak, Broncos head coach, should be held responsible for the Broncos’ horrendous start against the Raiders and other games.

     With second-year quarterback Trevor Siemian receiving little protection from a sub-par offensive line and an elite defense, the game plan should revolve around running the football to diminish time on the clock.

     Instead of passing the ball three times, which takes little time off the clock, the Broncos need to run the football and set the tone for their games.

     During the Broncos’ loss to the Raiders, the defense was on the field for 41 minutes. Any defense in the league will get tired and give up points when they are forced by their offense to be on the field for three quarters of the game.

     Running game means less time for the defense to be on the field.

     The Broncos defense, also known as the No Fly Zone, includes Aqib Talib, T.J. Ward, Chris Harris Jr., Darian Stewart and Bradley Roby, who have been playing without star cornerback Talib due to back spasms prior to the Oct. 30 game against the Chargers.

     Before his injury, Talib was Pro Football Focus’s third best cornerback.

     With Talib looking to return to action after the Broncos’ Nov. 20 bye week, it can be expected that the defense will improve.

     But Talib is not the only player that suffered an injury this season.

     Several other team members are healing from injuries, but they should provide the Broncos with extra power on the other side of their bye week.

     Derek Wolfe, defensive end for the Broncos, suffered a hairline fracture, but his injury shouldn’t require surgery.

     Kayvon Webster, who is a special teams coverage standout as backup corner, should be good to go after the bye for their Nov. 27 game against the Chiefs.

     Other team members like center Matt Paradis should be able to recover from various bumps and bruises.

     Broncos fans should relax about the team’s recent trouble; most of the Broncos’ woes do not appear to be due to a lack of execution from players, just a lack of creative play calling.

     If the team can get healthy and stop giving other teams the advantage by allowing their offense to remain on the field for the majority of the game, the Broncos still have a chance to make the playoffs.