Cambrea Schrank is the Co-Editor-in-Chief at the Scribe. Cambrea is a junior studying English with an emphasis in secondary education. After she graduates in May of 2022, Cambrea plans to begin teaching at a Colorado Springs high school while pursuing a master’s degree in journalism.  

In the age of mass information, Cambrea believes it is the role of journalists to produce discernible and honorable truths. Too often we are encumbered with falsehoods and, in recent years, the media has been accused of reporting deliberate disinformation (aka fake news, aka yellow journalism). In response, journalism organizations must actively fight to be viewed as credible news sources and re-establish public trust. As an educator, Cambrea plans to join this fight by teaching her future students how best to discern fact from fiction – and how to appreciate both.   

Cambrea also works in the Scholarship’s Office as the Reisher Peer Advocate and enjoys her position immensely. In her free time, Cambrea likes spending time with her fiancé and their shiatzu poodle puppers named Dot, reading, listening to true crime podcasts, writing creative fiction short stories, and baking.  

 “A word after a word after a word is power.” – Margaret Atwood   

Cambrea is on Instagram @hallcambrea