Car crash involving motorcyclist occurred by Clyde’s Way 

A crash involving serious injuries with a motorcyclist occurred on Nov. 10.   

According to UCCS police chief Dewayne McCarver, the accident occurred on Austin Bluffs Parkway near the traffic light by Clyde Way. McCarver said there were significant injuries and at least one person was transported to the hospital.  

McCarver said the CSPD were the official workers on the accident since the incident involved serious injuries.  

The crash happened at about 7:30 a.m., according to a KKTV article. In the article, the police said the driver of the car turned left in front of the motorcyclist, but the cause is still under investigation.  

“Please remember to drive safely, watch your speed and be especially aware of motorcycles, which can be more difficult to see,” McCarver said.  

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