Chief of police offers safety advice following recent Gateway Garage theft 

According to a statement released by the UCCS Police Department, three light bars were stolen from vehicles used for parking enforcement on Feb. 3. The vehicles were located in Gateway Garage at the time. 

The statement describes the suspect as “an unknown age white male with a bald or shaved head.” He was wearing latex gloves and a bandana, and he drove a “black Toyota four-door with extensive damage to the left and right front ends” that had no license plates.  

According to UCCS’ chief of police Dewayne McCarver, no reports have been made regarding this incident at this time. Anyone who knows anything about this theft, sees anything happening in relation to this theft or sees any other suspicious activity is encouraged to report it to the UCCS police by calling 719-255-3111. 

Students can also submit a report anonymously and get immediate assistance in the event of an emergency by using the Rave Guardian app.  

McCarver said that there are some measures that students, staff and faculty can take to prevent vehicle-related thefts from happening to them.  

He recommends that people lock their cars and park them in well-lit and well-populated areas to make it harder for someone to steal from their vehicle. 

He also said that people often look through the windows of vehicles for valuable items and suggests storing them somewhere where they can’t be seen from the outside of the vehicle. 

Students can follow the UCCS Police on social media @UCCSPolice or check their website to stay up to date on vehicle-related thefts on campus. 

Photo courtesy of and UCCS Police Department.