Clubs and organizations help further career goals, allow students to find true passion

April 25, 2017

Halle Thornton

[email protected]

     The majority of college students come to university for one reason: to figure out what they want to do with the rest of their lives.

     For us, being unsure of what we want to do with our degree is OK at first, but eventually, the time comes for us to start thinking about the future long-term, and sometimes, classes aren’t the most applicable setting to figure this out.

     Classes can be repetitive, stressful and sometimes just completely boring.

     But clubs and organizations give students the chance to take a break from studying or group projects and focus on what their interests may be, either within or outside of their major.

     These opportunities also allow students to figure out that they’re in the wrong degree program.

     Getting involved in clubs and organizations is the best way to allow students to apply what they love in a more realistic setting, even if that means we attend a meeting once a week for a new club we’ve never considered before.

     Over 300 clubs are available on campus, including everything from multicultural groups to a place for paintball enthusiasts.

     Whether or not a student’s major fits in with the goals of the club doesn’t matter; students still have time to pursue other interests outside of solving equations or writing papers.

     All it takes is one meeting to guide their path in a different direction if they’re unsure of what they want to do for their career, or even the rest of their lives.

     College is intimidating for almost everyone, and meeting people can be one of the hardest tasks to do. But students find some of their life-long friends during the process.

     Although UCCS is considered a commuter school, inclusion is what this university strives for, and UCCS is doing a pretty good job at achieving this goal.

     Whether students like sports, music or education there is a place for them at UCCS, they just have to find it.

     The great thing about a club or organization is, if students don’t like it, they can’t fail.

     We can’t say that about all of our classes.

     Maybe a student starts as a biology major and decides that their talents would be better spent as an English major after joining the poetry club.

     All it takes is one meeting to guide their path in a different direction.

     So thank you, UCCS, for providing so many opportunities for students to get involved and to explore things outside of our comfort zones.

     Thank you for making us feel comfortable being themselves, whether that is in the classroom or in a club setting.

     Most importantly, thank you for letting us be us, whatever that may be.