Clyde’s Kickoff and Disorientation Week encourages students to get involved on campus

August 29, 2016

Gabriel Venema

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Eleanor Sturt

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Students gathered in the University Center for Clyde’s Kickoff Sept. 18-19, which offered a way for students to get to know what goes on in the University Center, learn about the athletic teams and meet other people with similar interests.

The first night was dedicated to athletics and was held in the Gallogly Events Center. Announcers introduced the different sports teams and their players.

Students gather on the lawn outside Osborne Hall. Christopher Clements: The Scribe

Students also participated in a raffle by shooting a full-court shot with a basketball. The winning prize was $50,000.

Lacrosse player Tijana Lukich failed to make the $50,000 court shot, but was awarded $1,000.

The second night focused on the different departments of the University Center. Each office had a station where they had different activities including glow golf, karaoke, trivia and billiards.

Disorientation week followed Clyde’s Kickoff with events hosted by Office of Student Activities.

On Monday, music festival Clydchella took place featuring g-punk band New Beat Fund and DJ Toer, a Denver based DJ.

Shuttle riders competed in trivia during a campus version of Cash Cab on Tuesday followed by an 80’s Futurism Trivia Night where students tested their knowledge on classic movies.

On Wednesday, the Rec Center hosted an annual festival where students could register for programs, ask staff questions about the center and competed in athletic events.

David Coleman, dating doctor entertainer, held a worst dating story contest and entertained students Thursday evening.

OSA held a Glow Dance on Friday and finished off the week with an excursion to the state fair on Saturday.