Cool Science Carnival Day brings variety of events to UCCS, Colorado Springs

October 03, 2016

Kyle Guthrie

[email protected]

     Science isn’t limited to measuring chemicals in a classroom. For the Colorado Springs Science Center, exploring science over nine days across the UCCS campus and Colorado Springs is the best way to learn more about local science and other people in the community.

     The Colorado Springs Science Center will kick off the seventh annual Colorado Springs Science Festival at UCCS on Oct. 8. The fair will be held throughout the campus, showcasing scientific research and projects from on-campus and off-campus contributors.

     The nine-day event will take place throughout Colorado Springs Oct. 8-16 with over 60 different events, including science-centered tours of breweries in the city and nature presentations in Garden of the Gods.

     Around 6,000 people usually attend the event, according to John Poss, director of the Colorado Springs Science Festival.

     The purpose of the festival, which serves as an outreach program for the Colorado Springs Science Center, is to provide exhibits for all ages, according to Poss.

     “We typically get over 5,000 people, and it is really geared for the families,” said Poss.

     New and returning exhibits with demonstrations are part of the event every year, said Vicki Taylor, STEM program manager for the pre-collegiate department.

     One of Taylor’s favorite groups in previous years is the Pikes Peak Soaring Society, a radio-controlled model sailplane club in Colorado Springs.

     The club will fly airplanes on Oct. 12 on Pride Soccer Field from 9-11 a.m., located on 8700 E. Woodmen Rd.

     Taylor believes it’s important for the events to run throughout the city as well.

     “It’s a really great event, and I encourage you not just to attend the event at UCCS, but the events going on in the city all week long.”

     The first year of the festival was limited to one day at a local gym, but has grown over the years to include nine days of activities across the city.

     About 19,000 people attended the festival in total last year, and attendance is expected to keep growing, according to Poss.

     “We continue to grow by about 5,000 every year, so this year we are pushing for 25,000,” said Poss.

     The center has worked with UCCS for the last five years, according to Poss.

     “We have a very good relationship with UCCS, and they tend to donate the best facilities. They are great working with us, providing classrooms and venues all over campus there,” said Poss.

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