Cosmic weather forecast: 2021 Virgo Season

Cosmic Cannibal  

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     It’s time to say sayonara to the fun and freedom of Leo and embrace something new. As it does every 30 or so days, the Sun has moved into another zodiac sign, ushering in another zodiac season. Virgo season, which runs from Aug. 22 to Sept. 22, is the latest zodiac season, and it’s here to help us get into a new, more efficient and highly productive groove.  

     Ever wonder why we start school in late August? Virgo season parallels the start of a new semester. During this time of year, we analyze, synthesize, practice, perfect and organize. We also move away from the lazy days of summer and step into a new routine. Of course, every Virgo season is different in some way because the other planets are always doing other things.  

     So, without further ado, here’s your 2021 Virgo Season cosmic weather forecast. 

     On Aug. 30, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters fair-minded air sign Libra. We’re more sociable, more agreeable and more charming. However, we may struggle with decision- making. With Mercury in Libra, we compare the pros and cons of each alternative. Still, at least we can write with greater ease.  

     Just one week later, on Sept. 6, the 2021 Virgo New Moon arrives. New Moons are ideal times to set intentions and start something new, but the 2021 Virgo New Moon is especially good for this. Uranus in Taurus harmoniously aspects the New Moon, and Venus and Jupiter briefly bump fists, creating a stellar setting for major positive growth.  

     Don’t be surprised if you get a sudden windfall or out-of-the-blue offer. When Uranus is in the planetary mix, anything can happen. 

     After that, Venus, the planet of love and relating, enters Scorpio on Sept. 10. This transit dials up the emotional intensity of your relationships (should you have any).  

     If you’re in a committed partnership, things move to the next level, as you and your partner aim to deepen your understanding of one another. And if you’re dating, you’ll do similarly, eschewing the small talk for more in-depth discussions. Just watch out that you don’t get too jealous; Venus in Scorpio can make us very possessive.  

     On Sept. 14, Mars, the planet of action and drive, glides into Libra. Similar to the Mercury in Libra transit, Mars in Libra makes decision-making a challenge. Still, we’re more cooperative and reactive; we want to work with other people, as opposed to working solo. Because Mars also rules our energy reserves, this is a great transit for taking group fitness classes; we get energy from the energy of others. 

     2021 Virgo Season rounds out with the Pisces Full Moon on Sept. 20. Full Moons are perfect days to let go of what is no longer serving us.  

     Though emotions run high in the days leading up to every Full Moon, the 2021 Pisces Full Moon is all about surrendering to those emotions. A harmonious aspect between Mercury and Jupiter keeps our focus on the bigger picture.