Cost of tuition, what student fees go toward on campus

12 September, 2016

Rachel Librach

[email protected]

     Students have to pay tuition each semester to continue pursuing their degree, which includes a list of fees that can change depending on your major.

     Costs that make up student’s bills are separated into categories: course fees, program fees and tuition, which include general fees.

     Course fees are specifi c to individual classes and only students enrolled in that course are responsible for paying the fee. The money from that fee will only be used for what is defined under the course fees for that class.

     Program fees cover a student’s academic program and licensing, among other costs. The fees may differ by program, but each student is responsible only for the fees related to classes within their degree.

     Unlike the specifi c fees, a student’s tuition covers the comprehensive cost of running most of the resources on campus such as operational and instructional costs.

     Student activity and mandatory fees are also included with student tuition. Some of these mandatory fees are for the Rec Center, University Center, Gallogly Events Center and the shuttle system.

     These student activity fees go to services like building maintenance, upkeep of furniture and equipment, debt service on the buildings and general cleanliness, according to Susan Szpyrka, senior vice chancellor of Administration and Finance.

     “We use this money to keep the space fresh and clean for students, replace things that wear out and replace or refurbish where we can,” Szpyrka said.

     Most mandatory student fees are determined by student demand, Szpyrka said.

     When students want a sports center, a soccer field or a larger Rec Center, the Student Government Association will assess the request and propose a budget.

     Students can then vote on the request in the spring ballot.

     If the request is sent to the Board of Regents, they have the final say on whether or not to institute the fee.

     Part of the purpose of the student activity fee is to provide students with new or updated equipment that helps make their college experience more enjoyable.

     A gender-neutral bathroom was placed on the third floor of the University Center last year, which was covered by the student activity fee, according to Szpyrka.

     Some of the fixed or mandatory fees may have increased due to the recent increase in student enrollment. This is mainly due to the increase in foot traffic and the resulting wear and tear on equipment, said Szpyrka.

     Senior finance major Jevon Howell, who transferred to UCCS from Florida International University, said he appreciates what her tuition and fees are paying for here.

     “I see the difference in the quality of education and teachers here. I see myself excelling in certain subjects that I thought I wasn’t good at, but I think a good teacher can make all the difference.”

     Victor Closson, a junior WEST major said he doesn’t mind the tuition costs and what they go to.

     “All that this campus offers its students is what attracted me to this college in the first place,” said Closson.

     Other students, like senior biochemistry major Joshua Stoll, find that tuition payments are becoCostming more of a burden to bear and wish UCCS would stay focused on promoting a quality education without adding extra amenities.

     “I’d rather get a quality education and be able to afford it versus a quality education and a bunch of other stuff and not be able to afford it,” said Stoll.

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