Demystifying the library and its many resources

23 October 2018

Zachary Engelman

[email protected]

    With vast quantities of free information available on the internet, libraries equipped with physical books are virtually losing their importance. However, these scholastic institutions serve many more uses other than being a just a place to borrow books. The full extent of the resources in libraries often go unnoticed.

    The UCCS Kraemer Family Library is full of such valuable resources. Many students take advantage of the computers, printers and study spaces. “The students that do use the tech in the library have good results, but it would be nice to see more students take advantage of what the library has to offer,” said previous Scribe staff member, Rachel Menkus.

    But the library is home to other resources that are underutilized, such as, the study rooms. There are more than 30 private group study rooms in the library, one of which even has a TV with a DVD/VHS player. Some rooms must be reserved for group work, but many are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    When asked if she had ever considered using a private room to meet with her study group, the anonymous student says that she has never even paid attention to the rooms and didn’t know students could use them.

   The scanners also go largely unnoticed despite their usefulness. For example, they can be used to create digital versions of any book quickly. With all the complaining students do about overpriced textbooks, it is a wonder more people don’t just check them out at the library and scan them with this device, as many textbooks are available on reserve. This could also be used to great effect with research projects.

    All six students in this study group  have never even heard of this machine. One of the these students did however go experiment with the machine after learning of this tip.

    The other scanners are surprisingly high quality. The technology fee that all students pay has really gone a long way here.

    Kraemer Family Library also has a service for helping students with research. Students can call, text, chat online, email or show up in person for research assistance depending on the time of day and urgency of the need.

    Additionally, Kraemer Family Library has connections with other libraries, some in Wyoming and others elsewhere in Colorado, to provide students with books that aren’t necessarily carried at UCCS. If you need a textbook for your Jazz History class, but UCCS doesn’t have an extra copy, request one through this interlibrary loan at the library circulation desk.

    The library also offers research workshops that can help students learn to develop and fine-tune these skills. A calendar of these workshops and other beneficial library events is available on the UCCS website.

    “People pay for the resources here. They might as well use them,” said Menkus.

    The Library also has an online program called “Teach Yourself” through which students can better familiarize themselves with our library’s limitless resources This webpage is full of video tutorials, subject guides and FAQs to help students learn skills to help them get ahead.

    With such an abundance of resources libraries have never been more useful. People just need to use them a little more often.

Library Workshops | Library Teach Yourself