Director of finance outlines remaining club allocation funding, how clubs apply

March 6, 2018

Tamera Twitty

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    Throughout the school year, clubs and organizations plan multiple events to bring awareness to their cause on campus. This means, however, that they will need money to execute their vision.

    As of March 1, $21,000 remained in the Student Activity Fee club allocation fund. However, the current state of the budget does not mean that SGA will no longer fund clubs for the remainder of the semester.

    In a campus-wide email regarding club funding, Holly Moershel, SGA director of finance, encouraged clubs to continue applying for funding.

     “Don’t be discouraged from submitting funding proposals. Clubs can submit a proposal well in advance of their event, so long as the funds will be spent or returned to the fund by July 1. We will continue to hear requests until we are out of funding,” said Moershel.

    In the fall, the club allocation fund begins at around $300,000, according to Moershel.

   “SGA has funded many events for the spring semester before the semester started because clubs were proactive in asking for funding,” said Moershel in an email.

    “It is part of SGA’s job to allocate this fund to student clubs/organizations, and when we run out, it just means we are doing this job.”

    Students pay $14 toward the Student Activity Fee during the spring and fall semesters. In the summer, they pay $7 if they are enrolled for the summer term. The money is allocated to seven main departments before it goes to other clubs and organizations, said Moershel.

    “Much of it is budgeted out before the year begins to The Scribe, UCCS Radio, GOCA, (Student Life & Leadership) Operating, Clyde’s Cash, SGA operations and Riverrun Literary & Arts Journal,” said Moershel in an email.

    After money is allocated to these organizations, $110,000 is left for remaining clubs and organizations, who can apply for up to $3,000, according to Madison Harris, SGA resource manager.   

    According to the 2015 SGA Funding Guidelines, all decisions are made “in a viewpoint neutral manner. Funding is not allocated for member fees, paying off debt, purchasing alcohol or controlled substances, nor is it given for faculty, staff or coach expenses.

      “A club can apply for up to $3,000 from Budget Advisory Committee, restricted to only $2,000 for travel,” said Harris.

    The allocation of the remaining funds, according to Moershel, is voted on based on a series of funding proposals submitted by clubs on campus

   . The BAC will recommend funds during the fall and spring semesters for travel and conferences, food and beverage, advertising, event expenses, durable goods and sport expenses, according to the Funding Guidelines. However, the funds are not distributed evenly across each group depending on the amount needed for their activities.

    The Senate will vote on funding based on the benefit to the campus community, the educational, civic and cultural value, and “the ability of the SGA Student Activity Fee Fund to help the requesting Club or Organization to effectively and efficiently hold events,” according to Moershel.

     A proposal goes through several steps. First, the director of finance checks the proposal. Then, the SGA Budget Advisory Committee checks the proposal to check for amount adjustment. Finally, if the proposal passes the first two checks, the Senate votes on the bill.

    “If approved there, the club is approved for the funds,” said Moershel.

    This process is to ensure the money gathered goes toward groups with the most need and the clubs that will give the most back to the university.

    For more information on SGA club funding guidelines, visit