‘Door-holding culture’ at UCCS is intimidating

May 1, 2018

Justin Cook

[email protected]

Editor’s Note: Justin Cook is a guest columnist in the May 1 edition of The Scribe. Justin is a senior communication major at UCCS. Views and comments expressed in guest columns represent the writer’s and not those of The Scribe.


Before I start my rant here, I want to say two things just to clear the air.

    First, I’m a nice guy. I’ll talk to you if you want, and I’m always down to hang out with good people. In fact, if you catch me at Clyde’s between classes on Monday’s, I’m even nicer. It may be hard to tell because I keep to myself and am generally quiet, but it’s the truth.

    Second, I like UCCS. Out of three colleges that I’ve gone to, this is my favorite. Truthfully, I’m almost sad to leave this place behind in two weeks when I graduate.

    Although, I’m sure that a month without homework or tests will make me feel better. Everywhere I go, there is a sort of excited buzz that we all can feel. This place means something, and we’re all connected through it.

     Most everyone here is friendly and nice beyond what I would have expected. People I work with in class projects wave and talk to me long after the group is done. Even people you sat next to in class — whose name you may not know — will often give a polite wave long after that semester has ended.

    But, I’m afraid, we may be too nice.

    Yes, I believe that such a thing exists. I’m not being a hater, but I have to say it: These doors aren’t heavy, people, I can manage them on my own.

    There is an intense “door-holding culture” here, and I find myself at odds with it more often than not.

    Yes, it’s polite and generally expected to give that door an extra second or two of holding if someone is walking through it just behind you. That’s fine. It’s even sort of okay to hold it for someone who is trailing a foot or two behind. But please, stop holding the door for me when I’m still 10 yards out.

    The most frequent place this happens is in the north entrance of the library in the central foyer. Those double doors are pretty far apart, but I still find myself rushing toward them when someone who had nearly a 30 second lead on me is now holding them open just because we’re in the same room.

    It’s weird, y’all, and I can’t deal with it.

    The worst version of this, though, is when someone opens the door, stands back and just waits there holding it like a hotel doorman letting you cross through first.

    “Why? Do I tip? Should I buy you a beer?” I think.

    Is this paying it forward from something they received previously? I’m not so sure.

    I’m not even sure this is an act of kindness. “Hurry up you fool! I’m waiting on you and I’ve got O-Chem in five minutes!”

    Even worse, is when people do this for a crowd and end up stuck there, probably missing their class altogether. Weeks pass, and this poor soul is still holding the door open until, finally, the stream slows around the end of the semester.

    I don’t know, as I write this, I do sound like a hater, but it’s my opinion and they can’t be wrong, right?

    Opinions are neither right nor wrong, they just are. But that’s not the point. In the spirit of UCCS, I will accept your door holding from 50 feet away, give it a few extra large steps to make better progress, and I will avoid eye contact as I pass for fear that I’m somehow failing you.

     A quiet thank you will be mumbled and that will be the end of that.

    I guess, if you’ve done this for me in the past, thank you.