e-Sport Club provides community, opportunities for gamers at UCCS

August 29, 2016

Dillon Taunton

[email protected]

     Popularity of competitive video game sports is spreading rapidly at UCCS.

     Run by veteran and ex-military students, the e-Sport Club provides a space for competitive electronic video-gamers on campus that students can join to compete in tournaments and competitions.

     There may be an increase of 300 members this fall, according to the e-Sport Club president Chris MacDonald, a junior communication major.

     MacDonald said one of the club’s goals and reason for expansion is the accessibility and inclusiveness of students.

     “Freshman year can be scary. We look to create a community of gamers to help incoming freshman to not feel isolated,” said Brandon Moore, club secretary and game design major.

     Though the club seeks to provide a community, e-sports are competitive, said MacDonald.

     The club includes two “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” teams as well as a 30-member group that plays “League of Legends.” The e-Sport Club hopes to play more games involved in the competitive gaming circuit to prepare for a variety of tournaments.

     The e-Sport Club is sponsored by Razer, Inc., iBUYPOWER, Tesla Gaming and Blizzard Entertainment, who will sponsor a tournament on campus on Oct. 22.

     Tournaments are a fundamental aspect of the club, as a gaming tournament led to the creation of the e-Sport club, according to Moore.

     They started competing through “Heroes of the Dorm,” an online multiplayer battle video game, but lost due to lack of preparation.

      “We only had two weeks to prepare, but then we realized that e-sports were growing and there were lots of scholarship opportunities out there, why not make a club?” said Moore.

     The “Heroes of the Dorm” tournament that inspired the club was sponsored by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. that offered a $250,000 grand prize.

     With the ability to win scholarship money, the club does have a minimum GPA requirement and a $5 monthly fee to supply computers for the club.

     “Our GPA requirement is above a 2.5, but you also have to get above a 75 (percent) in all of your classes. Grades do come first; we are all paying for college,” said Moore.

     Moore said the club will work with members struggling in school by encouraging them to seek help from tutors in the Excel centers on campus.

     The member will be removed from their team until their grade improves.

     The first meeting for the semester is scheduled for Sept. 1 at 2 Cragmoor Village Rd from 3-4:30 p.m. More information about the e-Sport Club can be found on MLC.