F is for flannel: The Scribe’s guide to fall fashion

October 03, 2016

Dana Jesser

[email protected]

*Disclaimer: The contents of the Scribble are completely fabricated, peppered with inconsistencies and laced with lies. Any resemblance to the truth found herein is a matter of sheer luck. The Scribble should be approached with a healthy dose of skepticism, and its claims should be taken – if they are taken at all – with many grains of salt.

     Soon, the vibrant green foliage will turn to warm shades of orange and brown. It’s best if your worn-in flannel shirt matches.

     When it comes to fall, the fashion police is here to aid you in any pumpkin-spice inspired outfit sensations and your go-to for how to keep warm as the temperature drops. From flannels to sandals and socks to Birkenstocks, I have your back in all the best trends.

     To all you men and women out there, let’s break down the hottest styles to be sporting on those midday hikes from Alpine Village to Columbine Hall.

     Ladies, look deep into your closet and search for that flannel. If you don’t have one, then go get one. No true Coloradan goes through the fall semester without wearing a flannel.

     The best pattern to pair with flannels is stripes: striped pants, striped shirts, striped socks—anything that contains stripes can easily be paired with flannel. Mixing patterns is in.

     Like a dad who plays golf on the weekends, the key to completing your outfit is a UCCS visor. You’ll be prepared for any situation, especially those windy days when you couldn’t find parking and have to walk up Austin Bluffs Parkway.

     The only reasonable solution to keep your toes warm for those windy days is a pair of socks. When you don’t want to give up those summer sandals, but can’t stand to have cold feet, the socks-and-sandals combination is the ultimate footwear for the awkward weather transition from September to November.

     To prevent cold ankles, simply tuck in any skinny or boot cut jeans into bunched-up, knee high socks, and you’ll have warm feet from dusk to dawn. Wear UCCS socks from the bookstore to complete this look.

     Now men, let’s discuss your cardigan/ T-shirt combos. If you wear a cardigan, make sure it’s at least two sizes too big. The more room you have the more pumpkin pie you can eat.

     Unlike the ladies, men don’t need to worry about those pesky cold ankles. Leave plenty of room to roll up your jeans up to prepare you for any situation: running, skateboarding, biking or casually strolling.

     The sock choice is up to you to have fun with, but make sure they are either not matching or white as the snow that’s sure to come soon.

     Lastly, don’t forget the hats and shades. Both men and women should use the versatility of a nice ball cap and cheap, but fashionable, glasses. It exudes sophistication and shows you’re a real hipster and college student through those cold Colorado months.