Fitness classes offer variety of workouts for varied skill levels

February 07, 2017

Gabbie Matl

[email protected]

     We all mean well when we say our new year’s resolution is to work out more at the gym. But as mid-February approaches, we may have already given up or just don’t have time.

     Working out does not have to be a chore though, and you do not have to do it alone. The Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center offers a variety of group fitness classes for people of all skills and interest levels each semester.

     The Scribe went to five of the fitness classes offered on campus and found some good ways through the classes to get in shape, be healthier and have fun with friends.

     Fitness passes are required for attendance at all classes and are sold at the front desk, costing $20 for students and $25 for staff.

     (These classes were rated on a 1-5 scale, 1 being low intensity and 5 being high intensity).

Cardio Power Hour

Cardio: 4

Strength: 2

Endurance: 2

Length: One hour

     As the name suggests, this is a class that keeps your heart rate up. But the constant movement isn’t excessive; all fitness levels are welcome. These high-energy aerobic exercises are performed in routine circuits for decreasing periods of time.

     Using low-weight dumbbells, the instructor gave everyone a basic exercise to perform, such as squats, high knees or arm circles. The student can decide to incorporate variations on their own time after.


Cardio: 5

Strength: 2

Endurance: 4

Length: One hour

     This class runs through kick boxing, jujitsu and basic grappling taught by an ex-military and combat instructor. Open to all skill levels, the instructor explains and demonstrates all moves before putting you into action.

     During the class, students take turns practicing and implementing both offensive and defensive positions in a controlled and safe environment with a partner.

     Come with a friend or by yourself, and expect to take your shoes off as this class is all on mats. You’ll be rolling to your feet and wrestling the whole way through with an instructor who will fix your form and posture.

Synergy 360XL

Cardio: 2

Strength: 4

Endurance: 5

Length: One hour

     Synergy 360XL is informal and open; the class is held in the weights area instead of one of the instruction rooms. Targeting all areas of your body, this is the class you’ll get a dynamic workout in.

     The class starts with a quick introduction of all the exercises that you will perform and use throughout the class. Working in a circuit, you adjust the weight and speed at which you would work to fit your strength and fitness level.

     This class will teach you how to safely and effectively use the machines in the newly renovated recreation area.

Body Sculpt

Cardio: 2

Strength: 4

Endurance: 5

Length: 45 minutes

     This class is fast, but intense. Working with two different sets of free weights, you run through a variety of exercises that never stop. From lunges to jumping jacks to arm raises, this class tones your body using low weights and high repetitions.

     Moving to peppy music, the instructor keeps the group constantly moving and performing exercises that will make your muscles shake.

     As the class progresses through the semester, and people get stronger, time increments will increase.


Cardio: 2

Strength: 3

Endurance: 5

Length: One hour

     Barre, a trending workout that incorporates elements of ballet, will tone your body, strengthen your muscles and increase your overall flexibility. Open to all skill levels, this class uses dance techniques to stretch and engage many unused muscles.

     Working with a ballet bar, yoga mat and some low-weight dumbbells, you will perform movements meant to strengthen your core and legs. This class is based on dynamic repetitive movements, and has an environment similar to yoga with a more upbeat vibe.