Gary Reynolds to retire in January 2018, hopes impact of department will continue

April 18, 2017

Jasmine Nelson

[email protected]

     Working full time doesn’t always allow a lot of free time to do everything you wanted to do or see everything you wanted to see.

     In order to take advantage of the outdoors, Gary Reynolds, associate vice chancellor for Campus Planning and Facilities Management, announced his retirement as January 2018.

     As vice chancellor, Reynolds oversees both the construction and maintenance of the campus in his position, which grew from his initial role at UCCS as the director of Facilities Services in December 2007.

     Parking and Transportation Services and the Office of Sustainability also report to Reynolds.

     Reynolds’ replacement will be hired and begin working with Reynolds by Nov. 1 to learn as much as possible.

     “You hire good people and then you work with them to set the goals and then get out of their way,” he said.

     Responsibilities of the position include presenting construction project proposals to the Board of Regents for approval and hiring architects and contractors.

     A master plan of the development of UCCS was implemented in 2012 from the feedback of students, faculty and staff of the university. This plan lays out the future of the buildings and constructions of the campus.

     “That’s not to say we don’t have other projects that suddenly pop up. We do have to accommodate and figure out how to get them completed, too,” Reynolds said. In another five years, Reynolds’ replacement will be tasked with the review and re-write of the master plan.

     Reynolds also oversees building maintenance and is still implementing policies and procedures to have a more efficient maintenance process.

     “We’ve grown very quickly. When I first came here, this was a small department and was designed to support a smaller campus, so we needed to adapt this department to be able to support 12,000 students and growing.”

     Reynolds takes pride in the changes his department has made to make the campus more efficient.

     “I think we’ve created a culture here of customer centeredness and high morale, and I’m hoping that that can continue, and I’m hoping that the new person keeps these new processes and procedures and changes,” he said.