GLINT Talk Series event aims to reframe conversation on race

Devon Martinez

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 Each semester, the Global Intercultural Research Center (GLINT) hosts a talk series that highlights intercultural work being done by faculty and students at UCCS from a variety of disciplines.  

     The first GLINT Talk for the spring semester will be Feb. 11 from 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. Stephany Rose Spaulding, interim associate vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion, will present “Recovering from Racism: Journeying to Truth and Conciliation.” 

     Spaulding is also an activist, public commentator and an assistant professor of women’s and ethnic studies at UCCS. Her presentation proposes that long-standing divisions in America have not been adequately addressed, that we are still living with the impacts of institutional and interpersonal racism and that America must grapple with these truths if we want to abolish racism.   

     Spaulding will present a model on how to reframe these conversations so racial reconciliation can be achieved, and people can collectively build an inclusive and equitable society.  

     “The presentation focuses on the way that we frame these divisions and the way we frame racism,” saidGLINT Director Cerian Gibbes. “The way we frame our understanding of topics, of course, matters because it sets the stage for how we understand those topics, whether it’s history, society, policy change, etc.” 

     Gibbes has not heard the presentation yet and is looking forward to hearing the specifics of Spaulding’s model on how to reframe the conversation.   

     “It’ll be a great learning opportunity for everyone, and I really am excited about the first talk this semester,” Gibbes said.  

Stephany Rose Spaulding (left) and Cerian Gibbes (right).
Photos courtesy of the UCCS website.

     Spaulding’s presentation is the first of three confirmed events for the GLINT Talk Series in the spring semester. Peter Gorder, associate professor from the college of engineering and applied science, will host the second presentation, “Integrating Cultural Awareness into the Engineering Process,” on March 11. 

     The third presentation on March 25 will be given by an external speaker, Northern Illinois University (NIU) Professor of Music and Head of Steelpan studies Liam Teague. The event will also include a musical performance by the NIU Steelband. The presentation is called “The Magic of the Steelpan.” 

     GLINT has had other guest presenters in the past and hopes to continue to host them. Outside voices allow the center to share the scholarly work that is being done beyond the UCCS campus. 

     “It’s also a great way for other universities to learn about the work being done here at UCCS,” Gibbes said.  

     GLINT has close to 100 affiliates and seeks to integrate research and creative works from a wide range of disciplines. Each presentation in the talk series ties to a specific discipline and research topic, but all presentations share a global, intercultural focus.  

     The GLINT Talk Series program has helped the center provide a learning experience for those who are interested in global and intercultural scholarship.  

     “We hope to create that space where we can bring together members of our community to think about this new research, these new ideas, so that we can progress in ways that help how we understand society and the topics that are important to society,” Gibbes said.  

     Students can register and learn more about the GLINT Talk Series events here