Green Action Fund seeks new members to promote environmental consciousness

     The Green Action Fund is an on-campus organization dedicated to decreasing UCCS’ ecological footprint by encouraging the campus community to be environmentally conscious. Membership applications are currently open for students to join and work to make a difference in the UCCS community. 

     Kayla Williams, the GAF project coordinator, talked about her experience as a member of the GAF and how students can be positively impacted by contributing and meeting with GAF on campus. 

     The GAF’s goal is to help support sustainability projects led by students, faculty or staff, aiming to reduce the campus’ carbon footprint. “The needs of our campus community and what sustainability projects or practices they would like to see implemented on campus is the priority of our committee,” Williams wrote via email. 

     When seeking new proposals to fund, Williams said that a set of criteria helps decide which projects are supported and which are not.  

     “We do have five funding pillars that provide criteria for what we are looking for in a project (reduction of ecological footprint, increased student involvement. education and outreach, long-term feasibility, and scope of impact),” she said. “As a committee, we are working towards adding an additional criteria pillar focused on environmental justice or, more broadly, justice.” 

     On student involvement, Williams said, “We want students to join the committee even if sustainability isn’t their area of expertise to represent student voices across campus. It is a great way to get involved on campus, improve your leadership and professional skills, and to connect with other students who share a similar passion.” 

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     “I’ve had a passion for environmentalism and environmental justice since my undergraduate studies, which led me to get my master’s in geography,” she said. “However, I don’t have extensive experience with sustainability work which has made working with GAF so great because it’s been an opportunity to expand my knowledge and apply it to my studies.” 

     “Overall, students have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on campus and have a sense of fulfillment when they see projects they voted on succeed from start to finish,” Williams said. 

     “Our [project] application deadline for this semester has already passed, but if anyone has a project idea for next semester they would like to discuss, they can reach out to me directly at [email protected],” Williams said. “The same thing goes for interest in being involved with the committee, we are always accepting new members, and anyone is welcome to sit in on our meetings!” 

     On April 14, the GAF will host a film event to encourage conversations regarding environmental justice and further student involvement with the program. 

     For more information on the GAF, visit their website here. Students can apply to be a GAF member by following the link on the GAF membership application page. Executive committee positions are available.  

     For questions or the link to a GAF general committee Zoom meeting, which takes place every other Tuesday from 9-10 a.m., email [email protected].