How to transition back to being a broke college student after a troublingly fun summer

September 6, 2017

Hannah Harvey

[email protected]

    Ah, summer.

    You were too good to us, the desperate students, this year.

    But with two weeks of classes already under way, it’s time to finally buckle down and crack open the textbooks we spent two weeks’ worth of paychecks on and study, so we can buy Chipotle one day without feeling guilty.

    Not ready to get back into it? Here are three tips to make the transition smoother.

    Impulsively buy some UCCS gear when you’re picking up your textbooks. You’ll make that $20 back at some point. Maybe in the next month? Who knows, and who cares? Reward yourself for all of the work you’re putting off until an hour before class.

    Drop your whole major after one week of classes you actually hate, but do it after the census date so you don’t get a full refund. At least you think that’s how it works; you didn’t pay attention to the information in your portal.

    And finally, don’t save any money from your part-time job. It’s not worth it; why would it be when you have to pay off all of those student loans in six months anyway?