Intramural tennis team hopes to raise funds, compete in tournaments

September 26, 2016

Anne Stewart

[email protected]

     The UCCS Tennis Club may not have a coach, but this doesn’t stop the team from competing against each other or other schools in Colorado.

     The intramural tennis club played in a singles tournament, hosted by the Rec Center, on Sept. 22 at Portal Park.

     Last year, 16 students competed in the tennis singles tournament. This year, the coed team increased from 12 to 20 members, according to Whitney Schuck, senior business major and co-president of the tennis club.

Members of the UCCS tennis club competed in the singles tournament. Photo by Austin Chasse: The Scribe

     Schuck explained that she didn’t know about the singles tournament until recently. She encouraged members of the tennis club to attend the singles tournament instead of practice.

     Schuck, who has been involved with the club for four years, has noticed the team change in many ways. This is the first year there have been more female athletes than males.

     The team practices drills, match plays and playing doubles for team building every Monday, Thursday and Friday.

     Junior elementary education major Shelby Blanchard, another co-president of the tennis club, said that the team works well together. The team has become fast friends, and the comradery makes travelling to different tournaments enjoyable, according to Blanchard.

     Schuck explained that funds make it more complicated to obtain a coach, but they have plans for different fundraising events throughout the year. “I think it’s a really fun group of people. I love playing tennis, but, like I said before, if it weren’t for the team, it would not be as enjoyable,” said Schuck.

     The Rec Center will host one-day tournaments every Thursday throughout the semester. Tournaments will include other club sports, along with bowling, billiards and canoe-battleship. Tournaments are free to all students with a valid UCCS ID.

     If students would like to participate in upcoming one-day tournaments, they can find out more information about registering or forming a team at