Note: This is an archived page. Joy graduated from UCCS in May 2021.

Joy Webb is the Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Scribe and a senior, double-major in English rhetoric and writing and philosophy. She has been the Editor-in-Chief of The Scribe for 2 years and has been a part of the organization since her first day of freshmen year in 2017. Joy was the recipient of the Damon Runyon Award from The Denver Press Club for excellence in journalism this fall 2020.  

She plans to join the Peace Corps after graduation in Costa Rica, volunteering teaching children English, and then plans to go to graduate school to earn a Master’s in Women’s Studies in Europe. Joy hopes to start a Non-Profit someday that is devoted to helping all women, but specifically those with complex PTSD and women who have left religion. She is the president of the UCCS Feminist Club, which she started fall 2020.  

In her free time, Joy enjoys hiking, backpacking, and spending time in nature. She also loves spending time with her mom and two sisters, reading tons of books, and writing of every genre. Joy is passionate about student feminism and is currently working on writing her first novel that is dedicated to women. Joy believes in the power of student journalism and wants your voice to be heard. 

You can read more of Joy’s writing on her blog.