Jupiter is the astrology MVP of 2022

     Every year in astrology, we get one or two planets that really stand apart from the rest because they are busy, busy bees. In 2021, outer planet Uranus kept butting heads with just about everybody, and each of his tense exchanges were unpleasant to say the least. (Remember all those supply and demand issues and economic restrictions? Yeah, those were courtesy of Uranus.) Thankfully, 2022 has a much more positive MVP (most valuable planet): Jupiter. 

     In astrology, Jupiter is associated with optimism, growth, opportunity and expansion, ruling the “higher mind.” This trippy term refers to the truth-seeking, all-knowing, intuitive part of y-o-u. As such, Jupiter is considered the planet of religion, philosophy, spirituality, higher education and all those schools of thought that expand and explore your faith and intuitive faculties. He is the ruler, or parent, of mystical water sign Pisces and cheery fire sign Sagittarius, as well as the astrological 9th House of adventure and the 12th House of the subconscious.  

     So, how does this make the outer planet the MVP of 2022? Simple. Jupiter’s optimistic, inspirational and expansive energy is some next-level s—. Whenever Jupiter connects with another planet — which it does a lot this year — luck and good fortune transpire.  

     Back in December 2021, Jupiter entered Pisces, the dreamiest, most creative and empathetic sign around. This is stellar news for the arts and entertainment industries, because it amplifies the creativity of the collective. But it’s also good news for you. If you’re a writer, painter, photographer or any type of creative, Jupiter in Pisces is summoning your muse and helping you dream up some of your most inspired work yet. 

     Even if you’re not about that art life, the transit of Jupiter through Pisces is a MVT (most valuable transit), because it’s going to bring back more music festivals, more VR, more road trips and more events that center on the sensory “experience.” The Transit will also generate higher enrollment in religious studies, philosophy classes, yoga teacher training, abstract algebra and/or physics. (Hey, Einstein was a Pisces.) 

     Jupiter in Pisces will also encourage us to rev up our empathy and emotional sensitivity. Just watch for excess! Neither Jupiter nor Pisces are very good at setting boundaries.  

     Still, the positive (and excessive) vibes of Jupiter in Pisces will expand through the course of 2022, especially when Jupiter in Pisces forms several beneficial angles to Uranus (the planet of rebellion), Neptune (the planet of imagination) and Pluto (the planet of transformation).  

     OK, but what does all that mean? I’ll explain. 

     On Feb. 17, Jupiter in Pisces connects with Uranus in Taurus, forming a harmonious sextile aspect. Jupiter sextile Uranus whets our appetites for freedom, travel and risk-taking. You may feel an itch to buy a lottery ticket or begin planning an exotic overseas trip.  

     After that, Jupiter is conjunct (or in the same sign as) Neptune on April 12, which sends our imaginations and intuitions surging. Don’t be surprised if you feel plugged in to feelings and fantasies of everyone around you, or if you feel overwhelmingly inspired to create something meaningful or magical. Both Jupiter and Neptune have that effect on us.  

     Come May 3, Jupiter is sextile Pluto in Capricorn, which opens our third eyes so that we can see what changes we need to make in order to reach the success we crave and transform our lives. Just a few days later on May 10, Jupiter enters pioneering fire sign Aries, where it will stay until Oct. 28, and the most valuable planet retires like Tom Brady.