Majid Arjomandi: the voice for the Mountain Lions

Luke Bennett 

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 Enthusiastic teacher and announcer at UCCS, Majid “M.J.” Arjomandi, is a true embodiment of Mountain Lion pride.  

     I had the pleasure to have Arjomadi  for my professor during my freshmen GPS class, and I always appreciated his enthusiasm.  His passion for teaching and announcing is something that I admire because when you are that passionate about what you are doing, you start to see the rewards, and inspire others to reap the rewards of this passion.  

     Arjomadi won the 2019-20 Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) Faculty Mentor of the Year Award. “It meant the world to me finding out that I won the award,” he said. “When I first found out I got tears of joy in my eye because it shows how much my work is appreciated and that I can do the one thing I love to do.”  

     When I spoke with Arjomadi, he told me that he was getting a little teary eyed even talking about it. Nobody loves their job more than Arjomadi, and I felt honored to discuss it with him. 

     Arjomadi is a UCCS alum and studied communication. As a student, he also had his own radio show on campus, called “The Lion’s Den,” which he used to make himself the voice of UCCS Athletics.  

    Arjomadi has now been an official announcer for UCCS Athletics for about 10 years. He started out as a play-by-play and color commentator and moved his way up.  

    Announcing for UCCS Athletics is also something that Arjomadi is known for on campus. He said, “I take such great pride of being the voice for the Mountain Lions and I love doing it.”  

     He is a well-know faculty member on campus since he is involved in other areas other than just, being an instructor. Arjomadi is also the sports commentator and is the advisor for the UCCS Radio.  

     “It is a huge honor because UCCS is my home, and they have given me so many opportunities, so if there is anything, I can do to give back to them, I will,” Arjomadi said. 

     Arjomadi originally got into commentating after being inspired by another professional commentator. “I love WWE, and the announcer of WWE got me intrigued into this field because of the energy and enthusiasm they had.”  

     He added that his favorite aspects of announcing are “being a part of the action and [adding] another layer of enthusiasm to the game.”  

     Arjomadi’s personality and enthusiasm for sports and UCCS are what make him such a great commentator. “There is nowhere in this world I would rather work, be, and do,” he told me.  

     Although Arjomadi was honored by the RMAC Faculty Mentor of the Year Award, what brings him true joy is being able to wake up each day and do what he does. This is what most everyone strives for — to wake up happy that their job is something that they love to do.  

     This award is well-deserved, and with such devotion and passion to instructing and announcing, more accolades could be in Arjomadi’s future, as he is someone that is admired deeply by UCCS students because of his love and enthusiasm for what he does.  

Majid “M.J.” Arjomandi.
Photo courtesy of UCCS website.