Meet Madison Ellis, new station manager of UCCS Radio

October 10, 2017

Sarah Bubke

[email protected]

On Sept. 21, sophomore biomedical science major Madison Ellis was chosen as the new station manager of UCCS Radio.

The change in leadership comes after senior business major Kyle Boyle resigned from the position after three years.

Ellis has been a member of the station for a year later she joined the radio last fall as a DJ.

“I got my own show last fall called Miscellany,” says Ellis. “It’s called Miscellany because I don’t play a specific genre. I mostly do punk, indie and a lot of folk music too.”

Ellis decided that she wanted to work for UCCS Radio before she even arrived at UCCS.

“I’ve always been interested in doing radio, and when I came to college, this was a big pull to going to UCCS,” she says.

“I didn’t have the opportunity in high school or anything to get involved with a radio station. It’s just feels perfect.”

UCCS Radio was founded in 2003. The student-run organization creates their own shows, that center around four genres, including rock, specialty, sports and variety.

Ellis would like to focus on marketing and promotion for the radio as part of her new leadership role.

“I would really like to get the word out about the radio, because even now, a lot of people don’t really realize that we even have a radio station,” she says.

Ellis views her job as a way to relax and connect with students and sees the radio as a way to build the UCCS community.

“I want to work on helping to build the community in UCCS through the radio, help other clubs with promotions and kind of mush everything together through music and talk and whatever else we can do to get everybody involved,” she says.

The station is hiring new DJ’s, according to Ellis, who expects to hire 15 students to host 15 shows.

Ellis wants to hire individuals looking to expand the UCCS radio station and seek creative outlets for their content.

“I want someone who really desires to build the creativity, who wants to help establish and foster the creativity that we have going here,” she says.

“There are so many different types of shows, genres and backgrounds. It’s nice that people always have great ideas,” says Ellis.

Students can listen to UCCS Radio online at or in the University Center from their station in the Student Life and Leadership office.