Mental health resources, activities on campus during finals week

     Finals week is considered one of the most stressful parts of college, and with the semester coming to a close, it might be difficult to maintain educational, mental and physical health.  

     UCCS offers a variety of resources for students during the semester that they can use during finals week. Additional activities have also been planned by MOSAIC and the Kraemer Family Library specifically to help students during finals.  

     If students need help with writing, math, public speaking or other subjects, the Excel Centers are open to support students with tutoring, workshops and general support. Hours with tutors and other appointments can be scheduled through each center’s website, both in-person and virtually. 

     The Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center also has various physical and mental health resources. 

     According to University College London, research has found that exercise can improve test performance by promoting “[a] strengthened memory… better concentration… [an] improved mood… [and] increased energy levels,” all of which are crucial for testing.  

     The Rec Center has group fitness classes, individual sports equipment, personal training and more physical activity opportunities designed to get students moving and stimulating their brain cells.  

     One activity that might be helpful during finals week is yoga for its connection to movement as well as mindfulness. A Restorative Yin yoga group fitness class is offered from 6:30-7 p.m. at the Rec Center. Other Rec Center activities can be found here.  

     The Rec Center also offers massage therapy and chiropractic services, which are a great way to ease tension and feel more relaxed going into a test or before finishing up a final paper.  

     The Wellness Center also offers mental health resources for students, including psychotherapy sessions at $20 per session and educational mental health workshops. Additional programs like health coaching and group sessions are available as well. 

     The Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience is another mental health resource to understand and assist with mental health issues through “research, healing, and community training and empowerment.” 

     The Lyda Hill website offers recommendations to boost mental health and relieve stress, listing self-care resources and links to help students and the community learn about mental health.  

     The library is offering arts and crafts activities this week to help students relax. According to Outreach and Intergeneration Librarian Carlos Duarte, the activities will include coloring sheets, origami and puzzles to maintain a calm atmosphere.  

     If you are looking for something fun following finals to shake off your lingering worries, MOSAIC will host a Winter Holiday Social on Saturday, Dec. 18 from 3-5 p.m. MOSAIC Director Whitley Hadley said the main goal of the event is “to bring together community and provide resources for those needing a little extra over the long winter break.” 

     The event promises food and crafts originating from winter holidays around the world, including Christmas, Kwanzaa and more. Clyde’s Closet will also be open during that time, and MOSAIC will offer packages filled with “various self-care items.” More information can be found here.  

Finals Survival Coffee courtesy of Ent Credit Union and the UCCS Alumni & Friends Association is one of many ways the university supports students during finals week. Photo courtesy of Anna Squires (