MOSAIC hosts workshop with author to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

September 26, 2016

Dillon Taunton

[email protected]

     Overcoming obstacles in the face of adversity to follow your dreams is difficult. But as retired lawyer and author Manuel Ramos demonstrates, it’s not impossible.

     MOSAIC will host a writing workshop and talk on Sept. 29 in celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month. Ramos, two-time winner of the Colorado Book Award, will speak about his writing expertise and life experiences at the two-part event.

     Jesse Perez, assistant director of MOSAIC, believes this event will give students a voice.

     “Students have been asking for a way to express their identity. When we think of our experiences and our culture there are many ways to express (our) identity,” said Perez.

     “We wanted to offer a platform for students to express their culture and in this case that will be through writing.”

     Ramos’ crime fiction novels, set in Denver, focus on injustices that Latinos face such as gangs and racism. The proximity was important to tie to students, according to Perez.

     “It was important for us to bring someone we felt was close enough to our community to make the connections between Ramos’ novels and students,” said Perez.

     Focusing on these aspects of Ramos’ writing will help students identify with the Latino experience.

     “We are creating a broad awareness of this specific identity, but we also want the campus to ask questions and discuss this specific experience in general,” said Perez.

     Perez added that Ramos is a pioneer in the Latino legal and writing professions.

     “Being a Chicano succeeding in the legal profession or being a cultural writer like Ramos are things that take time and effort for Latino people to be respected in those fields,” said Perez.