Naming of UC coffee shop offers opportunity to reflect, create our own names

Feb. 8, 2016

Scribe Staff
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On Feb. 10, Dining and Food Services will host a grand opening for the newly-named Sanatorium Grounds, the updated name for what was formerly known as the University Center Coffee Shop, and before that, Jazzman’s.

The Scribe reported on the naming conundrum, which occurred after the transition away from Sodexo Food Services, who took the names of almost every food or drink location on campus with them.

Our Sept. 14, 2014 issue saw an article titled “On-campus dining changes with switch from Sodexo.” The story tackled many issues, among which was the naming of campus shops, a process that Mark Hayes, director of Dining and Food Services, explained to The Scribe at the time.

“In April, we had a coffee naming committee with students,” said Hayes. “We had some faculty, some staff and it was a good maybe 15 people. It was at least 100 names. So then it was voted down to 5, and we sent them to leadership to the vice chancellors and the chancellor.”

That committee, however, presented a solution that was already being used.

“The one that we picked is being used elsewhere so we couldn’t use it, and the other ones weren’t as good, so we haven’t had a name, so actually we have to do another naming committee,” Hayes said.

Student Marcus Wright expressed his views of the naming conundrum in the 2014 piece.

“It’s like now there’s no name quality to it,” he said. “So the whole place feels almost a tiny bit bland because it doesn’t have that little title factor.”

We are glad that, after over a year, a name has been decided on, if only to get rid of the uninspiring Coffee@UC.

In the spirit of naming coffee shops, The Scribe came up with our own concoctions, some exceedingly true, some exceedingly snarky, some exceedingly taken already and many exceedingly punny. If Dining and Food Services is interested in any of them, our email is [email protected].

Mountain Lion Coffee
The Den
Roaring Coffee
Daily Grind
Espresso Yo Self
Deja Brew
Pothead Coffee
Higher Grounds
High Lattetude
Brewed Awakening
The Bluffs Brew Café
Cragmor Coffee
Central Perk
Higher Elevation