New digital series written, produced and filmed by students



Sept. 1, 2014

Samantha Morley
[email protected]

The curriculum at The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is going to have a little more mystery and drama when a student goes missing and returns as the opposite of his usual self.

The UCCS original digital series “The Bluffs” goes into production this semester and will be developed through the efforts of communication students.

The digital series will consist of four main characters, two male and two female, and is set on the UCCS campus. The Lodges, the observatory and the antennae on top of the bluffs will also play roles in the project.

“I’ve always wanted to do a TV series with students,” David Nelson, chair of the Department of Communication, said.

In the series, a study group unites four students with varying majors: astronomy, criminal justice, communication and
engineering. They utilize their separate skills to solve the mystery of the bluffs.

“I tried to make the characters all quirky and unique,” Nelson said.

Nelson brainstormed the idea for the series with communication senior Matthew Alvarado. They considered creating a news show and a series that would keep students up to date on school events, but in the end decided to make a mystery drama themed series.

Before UCCS, Nelson worked in Los Angeles on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”

“The whole paradigm for television, I think, is changing and so I wanted to do something that’s not that far out but at the
same time has a little edginess to it and gives students an opportunity to … produce their own TV series,” Nelson said.

Alvarado contributed to the development of the character identities. The communication major, for example, works with
the UCCS Radio and refers to himself as the “Dyslexic DJ.”

“I heard someone on the radio and I just thought that would be an amazing character to have and it would be a lot of fun,” Alvarado said. “Little by little we got each character.”

The theatre department is providing the actors for the series.

“We’re going to try to work this like a real TV show from my experience on Star Trek,” Nelson said.

The series is expected to be available online and Nelson will release a link to the show. Dates and character names are not yet solidified.