New station manager plans to rebuild UCCS Radio

     After not operating for a semester, UCCS Radio is back with a new station manager, junior communications major Caitlyn Branine. 

     Branine’s goal for the position is to build the station back up after the hiatus. Alongside the station’s faculty advisor, M.J. Arjomandi, Branine will be recruiting more individuals to be a part of UCCS Radio.  

     “I guess there’s only two of us right now, and I’m hoping to get more,” Branine said. “We are hoping to get more people who want to have their own show, or who want to help advertise.”  

     Branine also wants the station to increase its following, first by informing people that it is once again operational. This includes kickstarting the Instagram page and getting involved with campus events like Winter Welcome week. 

     Branine plans to expand the music library, explore upgrades for studio equipment, help promote or sponsor campus events and community outreach. 

      “I’d love to see if we could set up a table [at student events], advertise the radio station,” she said. “We could advertise somewhere about [how] people can come to us if they want their own show, and they can let us know.” 

Caitlyn Branine is the new UCCS Radio station manager. Photo courtesy of Caitlyn Branine.

     According to Branine, her previous experience as the president of her high school’s student council and her family’s DJing business helped her get the position.  

     Branine has worked at MJx Denver with her dad for five years. They play music and organize weddings, parties and school dances.  

     “The more I [did] it, the more I liked the experience,” she said, “I don’t understand how all of the equipment works so my dad suggested … ‘you should have your own radio show.”’  

     She contacted the station to see if she could have her own show, but they told her they needed a new station manager first. Her dad encouraged her to try for the position. 

     “My dad was like, ‘this would be super easy; it’s just basically student council, but with the radio station,” she said.   

     The station is looking to hire two positions early this spring. One is for coordinating events and participating in activities on campus as a DJ. The other is managing and operating the technical components of the radio equipment. 

    The station is also looking for volunteers who are interested in hosting their own shows. Contact [email protected] to learn more.