Nov. 28: Campus Chatter

November 28, 2017

How do you prepare for finals?

Timothy Little: junior geography major

“I will typically read over my notes multiple times, make flash cards, and maybe even rewrite my notes. If the teacher provides a study guide, I gear my notes towards that. Maybe look over their slide decks if they make them available.”


Josh Foronda: sophomore chemistry major

“So far, I have a lot of classmates that I talk with, and we’ve always made a few study groups. The best way I prepare for finals is by going off and doing a lot of study group sessions with my friends, especially with my classmates in those classes, and printing out sample questions I have for a lot of classes that I have, and study off of those. I have a quiz for one of my classes that I’m working on for this final right now.”


Kindle Silvers: sophomore pre-nursing major

“I study at least six or eight hours a night.”