OP: ICP, good or bad? – ICP is an awful band, and that is okay

2 April 2019

Marge Arita [28]

[email protected]

    The Insane Clown Posse (ICP) is a bad band. It is okay that they are a bad band. Their music, while metaphorical, is a weak metaphor without real emotional impact. The only thing they do well is shock their audiences, which puts them in a similar vein as Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh, both of who also make up stories to entertain audiences.

    Fictional violence can be a great tool to elaborate on emotional struggles, but when it’s your only tool then it shows a lack of depth, which, then, will not have a lasting impact. The full range of human emotions cannot be condensed into a few emotions, even seven.

    The one thing that ICP succeeds in is creating a sense of chaos, but it is a stretch to say that a message can be found in the chaos of their music.

    Despite their faults, it’s okay. Good art would not exist without bad art like ICP. Without a point of comparison, and ICP is a valuable point of comparison, we could not find art that truly represents the struggles that we face.

    Bad art will always have its place, and ICP will always have its place.