OP: Lead roles should have chemistry in all types of theatre

23 October 2018

Quinita Thomas

[email protected]

    Without chemistry, a play cannot live up to its full potential, which often leaves the cast feeling like they could have done more and the audience feeling unsatisfied. For obvious reasons, these are two feelings plays should never want to instill.

    This is why it’s so important that when it comes to acting, those who are cast as the lead roles should have chemistry. It makes the play more enjoyable, as well as making the audience more comfortable.

    A couple friends of mine as well as myself, went to see the most recent play, Romeo and Juliet. While watching the play, I found it difficult to believe there was any chemistry between the two leads.

    It seemed that Romeo’s partner had little or no emotion at all, even during their most romantic parts., Juliet frowned a majority of the time and when they shared a kiss.

    The whole ideal of acting is being able to entertain audiences. In order to do so, the person or persons who are cast as lead roles should definitely be in character the whole time they are performing.

    As uncomfortable as it may be, acting is all about stepping out of the comfort zone to really become the character. For example, you might have to kiss your counterpart. If one does not feel comfortable performing either of these acts, they should not push themselves further than what they are okay with and say no to playing the part.

    One of the practicums students are allowed to choose is directing a play. While attending each audition, it is important for the director to be as unbiased as possible and take notes on who would look good on stage together or not.

    Part of directing is not only choosing who gets to be in the play. It is also about looking at the characters physically. For example, does this character really match this person? Can these two people look at one another as if they dislike each other while still having special moments from time to time?

    Students who choose directing as one of their practicums should not feel ashamed about having to lean on someone in the theatre department for help. In fact that is a perfect time, as any other, to seek advice, if uncertain about what to do, or even who to cast.

    When it comes to casting or putting on a show, both parts play a significant role. Making sure that all persons can stay in character, or look good on stage together will allow the audience to enjoy themselves and remain interested in what’s going on in the play.

    Overall, actors should only do what they are comfortable with. The more actors stick to what they are best at, plays in all sorts of theater will only continue to improve. This in turn will engage audiences even more, making them want to return for another show.