OP: Resolutions are a detriment to the new year

22 January 2019

Abby Jadali

[email protected]

    When December hits, most of the world is ready to write down their resolutions for the new year. The saying, “new year, new me” is being thrown around as individuals plan workout routines, diets and so much more.

    For many of us, creating these resolutions makes us feel better for the ones we never started or couldn’t be bothered to complete last year. For others, the thought of creating new resolutions reminds people of the things they didn’t accomplish but wanted to all year.

    So, many people decide to come up with new resolutions with the thought that this time will be different, this time they will actually do what they said they would, but what if they don’t?

    The idea of creating a New Year’s resolution is a wonderful thought, but when it is not followed through, it can cause people to feel horrible about themselves, or just completely give up and go rogue on the things they wanted to fix. New Year’s resolutions cause more problems than they try to solve.

    Instead of looking at the year before and thinking about all the things you didn’t accomplish, what if you recap on all the things you did accomplish?

    Maybe you received a good grade in a class you thought you would fail, or maybe you finished a semester that was really taxing on your mental and emotional health. Maybe you met new people and went out more, or maybe you got a job that will help you excel in your career. And maybe, just maybe, you went to the gym a few times, and it was more than you ever had done any other year, or you became more active and didn’t need to go to the gym every day.

    These things should not be overlooked; just because you didn’t complete all the resolutions you wanted, doesn’t mean you are a failure, because there were so many other things that you did instead.

    Instead of looking at the new year as a time to change who we were, why don’t we start looking at it as a chance to be the same amazing person taking in all the new opportunities that come to us each year?