OP: Traveling should be a priority for all, not just some

5 February 2019

Joy Webb

[email protected]

  It is easy to get stuck in the everyday routine and lull of life with work, school or other occupations, to the point when traveling becomes much less than what it should be: a priority. Many people think that going to school and getting an education to eventually get a career is enough to satisfy their desires, but traveling teaches people what you cannot learn in the classroom or in the workplace.

    According to an article from Forbes magazine, traveling presents five main benefits for mental health: it’s a great stress buster, it helps you reinvent yourself, it boosts happiness and satisfaction, it makes you mentally resilient and it enhances creativity.

    Traveling isn’t just beneficial for mental health and self-growth, but it can also help a person educate themselves beyond just reading a book. Seeing the world for yourself and learning by experience is the best way to educate yourself. Immersing yourself in another place helps you learn about culture and people in a way you couldn’t have if you stayed at home.

    According to an article by Leon Logothetis, contributor, world traveler, adventurer, author and T.V. host, traveling helps to learn new languages, explore cultural differences and similarities, unearth history and gain independence. These are all things that are nearly impossible to fully understand without going out and seeing what the world can offer, first hand.

    Instead of claiming that you’ll go to that place you’ve always wanted to see in a couple of years, make it a priority today to get out and travel. Take a risk and book a flight or plan a trip. Too often people are scared to take the leap to actually travel, and end up just talking about how they would like to travel at some point in their lives.

    If everyone traveled more, the world would be more connected and understood. In the words of Saint Augustine, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”