OP: Women need to stick together

15 October 2019

Abby Jadali  

[email protected] 

     The world is full of individuals of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, cultures, genders, sexes and any other differentiating factors. 

     In a lot of our rhetoric, we are shown the superiority that men have had in our history and still have today. Thus, throwing women to the sidelines and not allowing them to have the credit throughout history that they deserve can cause a multitude of problems.  

     The marginalization of women has been a problem for so long and it continues to be a problem. Something needs to change.  

     If there is one thing I know, it is that to help make this change possible, women need to start being nicer to other women.  

     Think about it for a second. Women must unfairly compete in the job market with men, and because of that, they compete with each other. Women are normally looked at as not being as smart as men. They are also viewed as poorer leaders than men, and when they do lead, they can be seen as bossy or bitchy.  

     So, all this competition in the workplace with men leads to competition between women as well. I am all for being passionate about something and wanting to succeed in your work, school and social life, but I do not think it should mean that we are tearing each other down along the way.  

     You see those movies, read those stories or hear it from first-hand accounts — women fighting for power with other women — but is that actually productive?  

     Is fighting with one another going to help us no longer be a marginalized group, or is it going to be even more difficult for us to get out of this spot we are in? The moment we begin fighting with each other, it means we have subverted to the patriarchies belief that women are the lesser sex/gender.  

     If women started uplifting each other, not stepping on each other’s toes and working to get both parties into a position they can be proud of, then we will be so much stronger for it.  

     Women are strong, stronger than people give us credit for. We have the power to create life and make waves for ourselves, so tearing one another down is not the answer.  

     If women are nicer to other women and if they stand together to lift each other up, then we have a better chance of making a statement in this world. Nothing ever got done by one person doing something. Things got done by one person taking the lead and others working to make it a possibility.