Open Stage to bring together local artists in open-mic-style event

April 04, 2017

Halle Thornton

[email protected]

     Open Stage, hosted by the Ormao Dance Company, will celebrate the work of student artists on April 9 at Ormao Dance Studio. Open Stage will consist of original choreography from students, visual art, spoken word poetry from group Hear Here and American Sign Language poetry.

     Lani Dobson, a student at Pikes Peak Community College and intern for the dance company, organized the event in hopes to bring the Colorado Springs arts together.

     “I want to make sure not only big names perform, but others in the community. It is important to our community to show what we have to say,” said Dobson.

     Dobson contacted friends and faculty at UCCS to spread the word and received six submissions, including choreography and spoken word.

     Dobson hopes to receive more entries over spring break. Dobson’s goal for the event is to allow artists to show their original art and performances.

     “My hope is that the open stage will let artists talk to each other instead of being their own separate entities. We’re really all doing the same thing,” she said.

     Getting artists to perform has been Dobson’s greatest challenge, she said.

     “A lot of people are interested in coming, but not a lot of people have submitted their work yet,” said Dobson.

     Dobson visited UCCS dance instructor Tiffany Tinsley Weeks’s dance composition class in hopes to recruit dancers to perform at the Open Stage.

     Weeks said that while dance students are interested in the event, the timing just is not right.

     “Their current projects won’t be ready to show until early May, and many of the students are wiped out from currently performing in “Cabaret,” said Weeks.

     “I think the event gives a much-needed opportunity for emerging artists to show their work. Certainly anyone attending open stages will be more aware of the variety of artists in our community,” said Weeks.

     Weeks has attended open stages in the past and said she enjoyed her experience.

     “The atmosphere is one of excitement and support. It also draws a more diverse crowd than is typical for a dance audience,” said Weeks.

     Submissions will be accepted until Friday, April 7. To submit a work of art, or for more information about the Open Stage, contact Lani Dobson at ormaoartsshowcase@gmail. com.