Paintball Club sees increase in membership, looks to offer leadership opportunities

Jan. 25, 2016

Hannah Harvey
[email protected]

Some students might participate in a sport or hit the gym to make friends and relieve stress. But for Paintball Club members, shooting at zombies is the best, unconventional way to do just that.

The club, founded by sophomore business major Erik Nudson in October 2014, meets once a month to introduce new members and discuss the next game or event.

“All of our meetings are open. Anyone can come in. We want people to be a part of it,” said club vice president Izzy Riley.

All students can join the club at no cost. But, if a student wants a discount and a reserved slot in future games, they pay a $25 fee, according to the club’s Mountain Lion Connect page.

When the club plays at Covert Ops Paintball, located on 6425 Platte Ave., Riley said 18-25 students join in.

Riley, a freshman biology major and experienced paintball player, said that students don’t have to be a paintball expert to join.

“We make it easy to be involved; we teach you how to use your gear and everyone is friendly and outgoing,” said Riley.

For some members, it is their first time playing. Others have played for years.

According to Nudson, last year there were four active members. Now, there are over 40.

Nudson said the club is anticipating seeing even more new faces this semester, and he and Riley advertised with posters, handouts and tabling on campus.

Freshman pre-medicine major Matt Fiala, also an experienced paintball player, joined the club last semester.

“We’re a super laidback club. You don’t have to do 10 different things to get in. It’s really not high and tight,” said Fiala.

“We don’t require a certain GPA. Really, it’s anybody that can join the club. We just try to make it as fun as possible,” said Nudson.

While students can join the club to participate in paintball and fundraising events, Fiala said the club is also a great way to meet people.

“One of the great things about paintball is that it’s a good equalizer. I’ve played with doctors and guys who have been working for 30 or 40 years, and yet, we’re all the same,” Fiala said.

According to Nudson, it’s easy for students to become an officer of the club.

“Learning to manage a club is great for organizational experience,” he said.

“We try to make it a recreational club with a lot of opportunity to learn about organizational leadership and development,” added Nudson.

Students interested in Paintball Club can find out more information by visiting the club’s Mountain Lion Connect page and Facebook profile.