Patrick Yarnell speaks on the top records in his life

23 April 2019

Eric Friedberg

[email protected]

    The senior professor in the philosophy department, Patrick Yarnell, has taught at UCCS for about 18 years and has been playing guitar for 20.

    Yarnell teaches the courses Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Ethics, Critical Thinking, Ethical Theory, Symbolic Logic and Analytic Philosophy. He picked up his passion for guitar after completing an intense few years in school.

    “After defending my doctoral dissertation, I wanted to have a little fun, so I bought a cheap, used Stratocaster and I became enthralled,” said Yarnell.

    “More than anything, I love the sound of a quality guitar plugged into a heavily over-driven tube amplifier. It’s glorious.”

    The endless subgenres of rock can leave anyone with a different reason why they enjoy the crisp perfection of an eclectic sound we call rock music today.

    But, for Yarnell, it comes down to inclusivity.

     “The thing I like most about rock music is that there’s room for everyone. From the punk rockers who play three chords to the virtuosos who can astound you with their technical prowess, everyone has a voice,” said Yarnell.

    Yarnell lists the top five records of his life, including reggae, ambient indie rock, classic rock and more. These are the records that make Patrick Yarnell, well, Patrick Yarnell.

    Bob Marley, “Legend”

    “Such a great album for chillin’ out, maybe having a drink on the patio while watching the world go by.” 

    Bruce Springsteen “Tunnel of Love”

    “I was initially drawn to the brilliant guitar work on the title track, performed by “hired gun” Nils Lofgren, but I ultimately fell in love with the entire album. Side 2 is perhaps my favorite album side of all time.”

    U2 “Unforgettable Fire”

    “This was one of U2’s early albums. It has a ethereal, impressionistic quality that I found especially appealing, and it was produced by Brian Eno, who does such great work.”

    Rush “Moving Pictures

    “Growing up in rural Kansas, there weren’t many options on the radio. We had a country station, and (on a clear day) we could dial in a top-40 signal. A friend gave me this album, and it blew my mind. What strange, wonderful music. It’s OK to be different, OK to follow your muse.”

    Tycho “Awake”

    This one lifts my spirits every time I listen to it. It puts me at peace with the world.