Q&A: Election commissioner Robin Levisky invites students to join SGA 

The SGA has opened their 2023 applications for students interested in running for an available position.  

Students can apply for any of the senator positions or one of the three executive branch positions — president, vice president or the director of finance.  

Election commissioner Robin Levisky spoke about his experience in SGA and why students should join the organization.  

Why should students get involved in SGA? 

Students should get involved in SGA because of their willingness to make change on campus. SGA needs everyone of all backgrounds: resident and commuter, full-time and part-time, in-state and out-of-state. Everyone brings their own experiences to the table, and the UCCS community needs people of all backgrounds to serve them. 

What makes a good SGA candidate? 

Primarily, a good SGA candidate is interested in serving their community in a leadership role. Having previous club officer positions is often found among candidates but is in no way required. Anyone should feel confident applying. 

What should students interested in SGA expect to do as a member? 

First and foremost, SGA members attend meetings of their branch (senators will attend senate meetings). Members also perform outreach hours to either work on SGA legislation or give back to the community. Lastly, members serve on university committees, which help adjudicate appeals or direct how student fees are spent. 

What are some key dates students interested in running should be looking out for? 

Students interested in running should come to our informational meeting on January 30 in the University Center, room 302. Not only is it a great time to get involved as a candidate, but to learn about SGA [as well]. 

Do you have anything else to say for students interested in running for SGA? 

When I first got involved in SGA, I thought the only job of SGA was funding clubs. I was very wrong. SGA is a lot more than student activities. Through SGA, I’ve worked on the Parking & Transportation Advisory Board, which resolves student appeals for parking tickets. By being a student voice during these appeals, you can make meaningful change in students’ lives. In the end, changing students’ lives is what SGA does. Furthermore, approximately two out of every three elected positions went unfilled last year. The SGA election is the best time to get involved in a leadership role anywhere on campus. 

The application deadline is Feb. 13 at 5:45 p.m. Students interested in applying can visit the election application on Mountain Lion Connect

Headshot of Robin Levisky from sga.uccs.edu.